LWP ConfEx 2020 - Iran
[Nov. 9th - Dec. 20th]
Call For Papers

At least 11 inspiring speeches; Meet the best producers in Iran; Be informed of the possibility of business at this special period; and party together after the event!


LWP ConfEx 2020 - Iran
[1-3 March, 2020]
Event Summary

Briefing of a 3 days event for the first time in Iran; Thanks to 49 years of media activity of the organizer, (40 years in co-op with the polymer world)

March 1st., 2020

Conference Day
On the first day the audience will spend about 10 hours for speeches, coffee breaks, B2B dialogues, lunch and happy ending with participants

March 2nd., 2020

Visiting Day
Visiting the IPPI research facilities; A giant IM converting factory; A pioneer mould and extrusion design & production facility; An IM design & production factory

March 3rd., 2020

Meetings Day
Arranged meetings with 3 associations of Domestic Machine Manufacturing; Plastics Parts, and; Importing Machinery + Optional on request meetings with trading companies.

Image and sectional briefing of the “ConfEx 2020 – Iran” event on the first day

ConfEx Group
The experienced group of academicians and industrialists get together to develop their knowledge and understanding about "lighthweighting"
The organizer will show the attendees that how far Iran can cooperate with the world in keeping the planet clean and healthy by UPCCYCLING and Lightweighting
Knowledge Updating
An always updated polymer scientist and technologist (Dr. S. Samie) will update the audience about the global pathways toward better use of plastics.

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Who's Speaking?

Hear 11 inspiring speeches, meet the best product people in Iran, and talk together about the current an the future business