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LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
LWP ConfEx Subjects

In the context of the event planning, the following key issues will be addressed in the first conference on “Lightweight Plastics Materials, Products and Technology” in Iran. Obviously, this effort will be based on the level of acceptance, awareness and belief of the national and international academicians and experienced craftsmen and industrialists.

These include:

1 – Global attitude and belief to the light-weighting issue;

2. Practical measures for light-weighting;

3. Replacement of materials for the current products to lighten the under production products;

4- Technical requirements for lightening

5 – Outlining the Lightening Concepts

6- The role of new alloys and formulas in light-weighting;

7- Opportunities to change under production formula and materials to reduce the density of materials;

8- The effects of lightening of the products that are under production and the future products in reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions;

9. Current status of the automotive and parts manufacturing industries for the automotive, auto-parts, building, medical, aerospace / transport and industrial sectors

10- Future plans to develop the theme of lightening in Iranian industries