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LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
Why Lightweight Plastics?

What ConfEx stands for?

ConfEx is an abbreviation created and used for many years by the organizer that is expert in abbreviating. It stands for “Conference + Exhibition & Exposition”.

Why Lightweight Plastics?

After discovery of the Ozone Layer hole because of CFC gases which resulted to the edition and ratification of the “Montreal Protocol” (Aug. 26th, 1987) the “Plastics Industry Magazine” of Iran was one of the first Asian-International media that followed the case seriously (Ref.: PIM Issue No. 25, June 1988 = Image 1 below) and since then has been very active in this issue and struggling against emissions of fossil driven and other gases that are dangerous for the health of humankind and the planet. In this regard it is noticeable that, since the CEO of the PIM Group and the organizer of the “ConfEx 2020 – Iran” has been an active environmentalist so it has done a lot including publication of recycling magazine for two times in Iran, several conferences and non-profit investment for a movie clip which was broadcast from the Iranian national TV in 1986. Image 2 shows an Iranian newspaper page that published a very short summary of Mr. A. A. Saatnia’s comprehensive articles about “Air Pollution” in 1972. (image 2, below)

After the international alerts about the Green-House gases and CO2 emissions, once again the PIM group and its CEO doubled their efforts and tried to increase the knowledge of their readers about these dangerous gases and the global warming.

International efforts failed in some countries

Apart from some countries like Saudi Arabia and USA which never accepted the related protocols, some other countries tried to cooperate with the global efforts for fighting with the global warming process of our planet. Iran was one of these countries, that in parallel with signing the “Montreal Protocol” also tried for this international cooperation in other ways. Increasing the fuel prices was one of these efforts which unfortunately failed and just increased the country’s inflation rate.

Obviously the world is witnessing the global efforts for reducing the greenhouse and CO2 gas emissions and fighting with the global warming. Irrespective of these efforts, making the products lighter in every possible field, has several direct and indirect effect over less energy and fuel consumption.

An automobile with less weight than its previous models means less fuel consumption and so less gas emission. A lighter battery case for conventional, hybrid and electrical vehicles means less fuel consumption and so. However, this could be the least but not the last.

To reach to different solutions, every responsible man should help the world. In this respect, decision to organize the LWP ConfEx in an anuual basis by Dr. Ahmad Ali Saatnia (the owner of PIMI) using his personal budget was a brave decision, and now, thanks to the advance sponsors of the event.

We hope this foundation in Iran (as a core country in Middle East) be supported and sponsored by other companies and individuals in the world that are thinking about a cleaner life.

Image 1

47 years ago the organizer of today’s ConfEx wrote an article about “The death of the earth due to pollution’ (Courtesy of Ettela’at Newspaper)