LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
ConfEx 2020 - Agenda

In order to make all items clear for the non-Iranian interested people / companies, we have divided this website in self-leading menus.

The “ConfEx 2020 – Iran” agenda is published, and clearly will be completed by the progress of registrations, articles’ submissions and further options.

The agenda and its sub-directories will be fully completed by Feb. 20th., 2020.

This section is divided to two sub-directories:

1- Agenda in Brief (Click Here)

2- Agenda in Detail (Click Here)

However, to make you informed of the conference schedule and how it worked and will develop to a fruitful end, we invite you to read through the following explanation:

During the course of planning for this event, in advance of the public announcement we have gone true a market & field study and amazingly received enough presentation to keep our first day of the event’s speeches guaranteed.  Now with a full hand we have started to “Call for the Papers” and trying to convince the Non-Iranian individuals and companies that the business situation is not so bad that it sounds (please refer to “Q&A” menu).

In this respect we have foreseen two connecting conference halls at the “IPPI” premisses, in order to make a separation of the 4 main fields of subjects and organize two simultneous conferences in one day. Obvioudly the audience have the chance to choose ptionally that which titles is more benefitiary for them?

At the conference day, 10 speakers (at this point, 4 of them) from Austria, Iran, Italy and Germany will present the most updated carefully selected titles so far and will be selected in future to fulfill the present knowledge of at least 200 enthusiastic audience for the “First Day” of this 3 days event.

The timeline of the preliminary agenda and the forecast advised by the Scientific & Technical Committee, is published at the next section, i.e., “1st Day; Conference Agenda