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LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
Agenda Brifing

The “ConfEx 2020 – Iran” event is divided into 3 separate days, with enough flexibility.

The “First Day” is allocated for the conference only and also separate additional speeches. This means that, if the number of the valuable submitted articles will be more than the times determined for the “First Day“, then we have the possibility to prepare separate conference rooms for some other speeches that might be more hi-tech with less audience.

The “Second Day” is planned for visits. Many non-Iranian entrepreneurs might like to see with their own eyes that how their Iranian counterparts are working in a country with more than 20 years of imposition of different bans and sanctions. Especially during last 5 years with the toughest sanctions imposed on Iran. Also many of them may be curious to know, if at this moment the business with Iran is possible or not? This is something that they may hear in a face to face dialogue. The “2nd Day” of the “ConfEx 2020 – Iran” is allocated for this purpose with some flexibility for possible changes of the visits based on a final check with the registered participants from abroad. This survey will take place during February 2020.

The “Third Day” is determined for the meetings. For this purpose we are in dialogue with several associations including: Association of Iranian Machine Manufacturers; Tehran Plastics Part Manufacturers Association; National Iranian Polymer Association; The National Union of The Distribution Cooperative Unions; Iranian Plastics Processing Machinery Suppliers Association. 2- Private Trading Assemblies and Associations for optional B2B meetings. Like the “2nd Day” we have made this day flexible and optional. In February we will check with the participants from abroad, if they wish to meet with another special group or individuals. If there will be such options, we will to our best to fulfill the requirements of our guests.

All meetings will be handled at the residing hotel of the non-Iranian delegate.

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