LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
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Apart from the main menus elated to this event, there are some information that might be necessary and being a question for any one who doubts, if its worth to participate at such an event?

To fulfill such possible needs, this menu has been added to the website of the “ConfEx 2020 – Iran” event.

Provision of this sector was an opinion and so it is not possible to give a bright picture of it. In this respect this part will gradually be completed as per the contacts of the applicants, no matter from Ira or abroad.

So far the sub sectors of this menu are:

1 – Registration Fees

2- Q & A that is devoted to some possible questions coming from your side. This part, to be more convenient, is subdivided to the following sections:

2.1: Business Possibilities in Iran

2.2: The Residences allocated for attendees

2.3: Visa & Trip

2.4: Tariffs

2.5: Sponsorship

Because we have just launched the website, also ahead of our worldwide promotional activities, it is possible that the number of main and sub sectors will increase with the time.

What is important is that, even if we will have only one applicant, we are prepared to welcome him/her like someone coming as part of a 100 member delegate.

In fact the “SAATNIA” branding policies dictates that: “In the media world, 1 equals to 1 million, a professor is like a simple worker, and equality and being neutral is a must, as far as it relates to our general behaviour. The humankind, is the humankind and should be tolerated as a humankind. So, the services never should be sacrificed for the numbers.”

We, the executive team, will do our best to keep this brand as it has sounded for about 40 years.