LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
Business Possibilities
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Here is to notify some points that we guess might also be your question. Also, if we will receive any other questions from applicants, far from what we should answer privately to him/her, we will have a brief Q & A out of it for this sector, and of course the answers for all.

To see the first and much more further Q & A related to the business possibilities, “with, in, out” of Iran, you might be patient. Right now we have a couple of Q & A, so, wait till the website will be fully revised, then we will come back and answer. (Nov. 13th. 2019, 20:57)

Q: Why do you think that at this situation we can do business in Iran? You should be aware of the sanctions imposed over your country. Don’t you? (question from Germany on Nov. 14th., 2019)

A: Yes, we are aware of different sanctions. But what we are practically watching are the very busy Customs offices, Shipping lines and cargo ships at the Iranian ports, heavy ques at the CBI for registering L/Cs, travelling forth and back of hundreds of tracks, heavy trailers, 18 wheels trucks an trailers over the roads ending to the land, sea and air ports and cargoes and so on. All of these means that businesses are doing well.

Q: By close and intelligent surveillance of transactions, how doing business is possible? (Q from Britain; Nov. 14th., 2019);

A: The Iranians know how to do their business legally and safe without any risk for their counterpart. Each deal needs its own legal route, and so, should be discussed face to face.