LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
Iran banner

Q; Could applicants reserve their hotels and deduct from the packages?

A: Yes, they can do it, an ask for the amount of deduction (corresponding to the date) from the event’s secretariat.

Q: Are there any life night in Teheran?

A: If you mean something like Dubai, Beirut or European cities, the sharp and the frank answer is “NO”. But, Teheran has its own sweat nights and dreams til 01: AM. On request the colleagues will help you to fin the best that you are looking for.

Q: Is there any life threatening points tat applicants should be aware of it?

A: No. Teheran and almost all cities in Iran are very safe for the night life. In fact in Teheran and most Iranian populated cities all foreigners are welcomed by the people up to a point that they can feel at home.

Q: Can we find any non-Iranian food serving restaurants?

A: Yes, there are plenty of restaurants that serve Italian, Chinese, British, Spanish, Mexican, American, German, French dishes with the same atmosphere. There are also huge number of fast foods in Teheran and other cities, serving diverse dishes an sandwiches;

Q: Is the public transportation available and reliable?

A: Yes, there are. But, the taxi services are diverse and very chip in price. The route that you may pay for it about 40 Euros, for example in Berlin from Schönefeld Airport to the Berlin downtown, is charged here for about 5 Euros.

Q: Where is the best place to exchange money?

A: The best places are the official money exchange shops. However to exchange your money with the best rates you can ask upon your arrival from the ConfEX 2020 executive team staffs.

Q: Should we declare the amount of money that we have at the airport?

A: Yes, it would be better to do so.

Q: Where are the places that the participants will be lodged in?

A: There are several high class 5* hotels in Teheran that are suitable for the guests and participants of the “ConfEx 2020 – Iran”. Among these hotels there are 3 hotels that could be fixed with our event’s plan.

For the participants who apply for one day or “Partial Access” (One Night Stay”, the following hotels are most convenient and suitable:

1- IKH Airport “Novotel“. This hotel is only 10 minutes walking away from the arrival hall of the Tehran’s international “Imam Khomeini Airport” and its distance from the conference hall is about 62 Km. Thanks to the vicinity highways of the IKH Novotel which takes about 50 minutes driving time from the Hotel to IPPI premises. The time that is less than the time that an applicant needs to approach to other hotels at the north of Teheran. This hotel is really suitable for “Partial Access” applicants.

2- Olympic Hotel: This hotel, made during 70’s to accommodate the global athletes for the 1974 Asian Games, also the 1984 Olympic games which was scheduled to organize in Iran, but later and due to the revolution the games were shifted to Los-Angeles/USA. The hotel is in the midway of the Teheran IKH airport and the premises of the IPPI. It is about 60 Km (40-50 minutes) far away from the airport, but is only 18.5 Km. away from the IPPI which needs about 20 minutes driving. This hotel is very suitable for both partial and full access attendees to the “ConfEx 2020 – Iran“.

3- “Azadi-Parsian” Evin Hotel, is another cool selection at a very busiest areas of Teheran. Due to availability of several highways to access this hotel from the airport, one could say that it has about 70 Km., distance from the airport which takes about 60-75 minutes to drive “In or Out” of the hotel to the airport or vise-versa depending to the vicinity traffic and time.

The hotel’s distance from the IPPI premises is about 27 Km. which takes about 25-30 minutes driving.

The above information means that the event’s applicants should not be worried about the accountability and availability of high standards hotels and restaurants in Teheran.

The organizer’s final decision to choose from the above and other hotels, will be made by Feb. 1st. 2020, based on the number of applicants from abroad.