LWP ConfEx 2020
[March 1-3, 2020 - Iran]
Financial Sponsorship

The companies who desire to be the sponsor of this event, can benefit from the  hidden fact which the amounts that they accept to pay is almost equal to the cost of the advantageous that we will offer them. Does it sound wise? Yes, because what the organizer has to prepare is something for all, be 1 or 100. So, when as sponsor is sharing it it practically means a “win-win” deal, with a heavier side for the sponsor.

To believe it, have a look at the following table and make a calculation. Then decide to be an sponsor and submit the form.

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Financial Sponsors and advantages table


RowsH: Classification
V: Advantageous
Superior Sponsorship (SP)Golden
Least amounts per category to be considered as SPONSOR£ 8,000.00 or more entitles to this category£ 5000.00£ 3000.00£ 2000.00The SP Class reflexes those who will support the planet with 8K-Euro and more
1No. of free invited guests within the Iranian nation10 Persons7 Persons5 Persons2 PersonsThis is only free for conference room, one night lodging and event literature.
2Presentation of "Industry Supporter" and "Memorandum Tabloid" ApplicableApplicableApplicableApplicable
3Exhibition free space16 sqm12 sqm6 sqmN/AThe exhibition space could be exchanged with posters
4Priority for Exhibition Booking and allocationsA.A.A.A.A.= Applicable
5Company's self introduction of Products and Services (Advertorial by presentation)20 minutes Speech10 minutes Speech5 Minutes Video ProjectionBanner projectionMaterials shall be supplied by Sponsor
6Type of the ConfEx presentation area for free company promotionHanging over or standing banner at the main conference hall +Video clip playing over the conf. hall and items D & EHanging or standing banner at the main conference hall Standing banner at the reception areaFlyer paper distribution in the foldersAll materials shall be provided by the applicants
7Free advertisement at the "ConfEx" book / brochureA.A.A. 50% Discount
8Free advert at the Persian website of the ConfEx 2020 - IranA.A.A.60% DiscountA.= Available
9Free advert at the English website of the ConfEx 2020 - IranA.A.80% Discount40% Discount
10Free advert at the Persian website of PIM Digital (PIMW.IR)A.A.A.A.
11Free advert at the Eng. website of PIM Digital (PIMM.IR)A.A.A.50% discount
12Advertorial in English at the PIMI websiteA.A.40% Discount20% Discount
13Advertorial in Persian at the PIMW websiteA. A.A.50% Discount
14No. of Special Iran Market Study for determined field(s) 2 fields1 field40% Discount20% Discount
15The amount of discounts for advertisements at all domestic and international PIM Group's media40%20%15%10%This option is open for sponsors from now till 2 years after lifting sanctions over Iran.
16The number of 50 Euro discount coupons for the next ConfEx event4321
17The VIP seating location at the conference hall A. A. A. N/A
18Special Medal and Certificate for the Best "Industry Supporter "A. Medal & CertificateA. CertificateA. CertificateA. Certificate