Eng. A. A. Saatnia

Founder and CEO

Speeches by A.A. Saatnia

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Personal Information

Engineer (Dr.) * Ahmad Ali Saatnia started elementary school in 1959.  He continued in a private high school. He received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Tabriz and an undergraduate degree in tank and logistics from the Royal Army College. After marriage in 1975, he began his master’s degree in chemical engineering at the University of Salford (Manchester / UK) in 1976 and in 1978 he completed his master’s degree in “Polymers Science and Technology” at the University of Aston (Birmingham / UK).  The second period of hi professional life began in 1979 with the establishment of Paneh Plastics Factory, AHA Plast Company, Technical Research Organization of Rubber Industry, Techno Polymer Factory, and Flint Construction Company between 1979-1983. Because of his interest in media activity since 1970, he founded the Journal of Plastics Industry Magazine in 1985, which later turned out to be the first of its kind in Asia. The publication of this journal has trained dozens of specialized media / polymer and non-polymer forces in Iran. With the launch of the Internet in Iran (intranet) by the Center for Theoretical Physics, he organized the first plastic industry website, the latest of which is the Polymer Industry Media International (The main organizer of this conference). He has received internships in various disciplines (including journalism / America and press marketing / Canada) and specializes in a variety of plastic disciplines. He has manage the organization of 13 other specialized conferences and all of them on a personal budget. Author and translator of 5 specialty books and 3 social books. His other 9 books have not yet been published.

[1] The reason for the title of the PhD in is that his degree is not related to the polymer field and is in the field of sociology.